Montenegro Libertarian Festival 2023
23.09.23 | Montelibero City
We invite you to the Libertarian Festival in Montenegro on September 23, 2023!

MONTELIBERO FEST 2023 is organized by participants of Montelibero, a project to build a free society in Europe, starting with Montenegro (Free Society Project in Europe, FSPE).

The first international Libertarian Festival in Montenegro brings together people with libertarian views and everyone who is interested in learning about how to successfully ensure personal and public freedom and independence in the modern world, what alternative methods of organizing society exist and tokenomics.

The event will take place on the territory of Montelibero City - the first libertarian settlement in Montenegro.

There will be a Lecture Hall at the festival, where well-known libertarian thinkers and practitioners will talk about methods of building a free society, share their experience and answer your questions. The presentations are planned in Russian and English.

There will be DJs playing music all day, and by the evening the site will turn into a dance floor with high class DJs Polako residents! You will also be able to attend an art exhibition as well as the separate zones for fitness activity and children's animation.

Delicious food and drinks, goods and services provided by entrepreneurs participants of Montelibero, can be purchased in exchange for cash Euros and EURMTL stablecoins. This will allow guests to try out Montelibero tokenomics during the festival and understand how it works.

Everyone will be able to better understand the idea of Montelibero, meet the members of the movement, learn the details of the implementation of various ideas and projects, both commercial and charitable.

On the eve of the festival, in the evening of September 22, we will arrange an open-air documentary screening.

A two-day camping site has also been prepared for guests.

The event is free but you need to reserve your spot. Places are limited, the event is funded by donations . Top 5 donators will get access to the VIP zone on the rooftop to join the speakers and special guests.

We will publish all the news and answer questions in telegram channel and chat, see the links below. We are looking forward to this grand event and will be glad if you can spend this day with us.

Telegram channel of the festival
Telegram chat of the festival
+382 68453347

Details for financial support

  • Mikhail Svetov
  • Alexey Nefyodov
  • Pavel Usanov
  • Vít Jedlička
    President of Liberland
  •  Vuk Jaredić
September 23
What should a libertarian do in emigration? (In Russian)
Mikhail Svetov



2 years of Montelibero: achievements, screw-ups, and future plans. (In Russian)
Alexey Nefyodov (Ancapchan)
Non-state monetary systems: theory and history (In Russian)
Pavel Usanov
The perception of libertarianism in Montenegro (in English)
Vuk Jaredić
To tame a Leviathan: Contract Jurisdictions and Civil Rights (In English)
Mikhail Svetov
Dinner break
How to build the most free country in the world (In English)
Vít Jedlička
Panel discussion (In English)
Main stage
Day program
DJ SoMojo
mixed set
Representing the "Generation X," born in the USSR, raised in the USA, lived in Russia for ten years (1998-2008), and in Berlin since 2008, DJ SoMoJo crafts a tantalizing international mix in the style of new wave, electro, and rock.

He's always up-to-date with hot tracks in French, German, Russian, and other languages, enriching his repertoire with songs beyond English.

He also spins intriguing extended versions and remixes that closely match the original tracks. DJ SoMoJo leverages his unique bicultural background to present you with an amazing selection, creating a positive multicultural vibe.
14:00 – 14:30
Zumba with Anett
Zumba® - a lively dance fitness workout in the format of a dance party to Latin American and global hits, based on repeating simple choreography under the guidance of an instructor on stage. This exhilarating workout allows you to quickly get your body in shape!
14:30 – 15:00
DJ Andy
mixed set
Amateur DJ, an active member of the Montelibero community. He has a deep passion for music and dancing, incorporating a wide range of styles into his sets.
15:00 – 17:00
Zumba with Anett
DJ SoMojo
mixed set
17:30 – 18:00
Evening Program.
The festival's evening program is sponsored by
P O L A K O.

P O L A K O is a music label, promotional group, and booking agency. Established in 2016, the brand's primary goal is to create a broad community encompassing all spheres of modern culture and art.
Exhibitions, concerts, raves, merchandise, events, poetry evenings, and lectures are just a small part of what the collective has been able to accomplish in recent years.
Polako embodies a secular Dao, the path of conscious hard work and deep understanding of the world in all its manifestations—an intuitive worldview: a unique psychological state and disposition.
In the future, the promotional group will continue to strengthen the horizontal connections between artisans, artists, authors, and the audience who share the principles of slow living.
POLAKO has already successfully achieved its goals – for many expatriates, they have been guides to Montenegro. By blending styles and genres, the label creates an atmosphere where everyone feels like a member of a large family, and this is its main mission!
* Polako - from Serbo-Croatian, meaning "slowly, without haste, without fuss."
Rita Handler
Rita Handler is a talented artist, resident of dance groups and fire show "Kazantip Republic" (Ukraine) 2012-2014. A professional dancer and trainer, Rita came to the DJ booth through the dj-Groove school at the call of creative evolution, as a person who is sensitive to sound, rhythm, and passionate about art in the widest range. Member of Overlap, K&K (2018), DjStartsProject, Zoo, Kholodok festival, Moscow Burning Man team, Triori Records “Kvartirniki” (2019-2021), appeared on posters of famous Moscow clubs Gazgolder, Fantomas, Pur-Pur, Dissident, Incognito, DVOR, Ruin, performed on Megapolis FM. Rita gives the greatest preference to combinations of techno and minimal techno, positive deep-tech with strict and textured minimal-techouse and bewitching chillrave.
DJ Krcko
I was born in 1970. In elementary school i had biggest record collection and played my selection on birthdays or school parties. Same thing in high school. I was born and raised in Zadar, coastal Croatia. Most of the man from Zadar are sailors and as a kid i build my record collection from theirs record storages, basements, garages etc. Those guys brought jazz, soul, funk, disco, rock, reggae, dub, electro … records from all over the globe which we could not find in local record store. I am music digger from my early days. First professional DJ action i made in summer of 1986 at city discotheque “Disco Garden”, on stone walls of Zadar Old City. In decades after came house, techno, breakbeat, trance, minimal, dubtechno … and everything between. I have lot of memories as foundation for new actions. We gonna turn on sound system and drive it in right direction. Big Fun.
Mladost Naglost
mixed set
Mladost Naglost is a producer and promoter in the music industry for over 10 years. In his sets, he prefers psychedelic and electro music. The initiator of the creation of the POLAKO club community and the founder of the promo group of the same name. In recent years, he has been actively organizing musical events and has been involved in the performance in Montenegro of such famous artists as: Umwelt, Stenny, Alienata, Andrew Red Hand, Ivna Ji, ONYX, SBHR, Kasta and Aigel. As an artist, he participated in dozens of group exhibitions and exhibited in Montenegrin art institutions, and also opened two solo exhibitions. Author of the Planet Water project.
Tanya Moss
mixed set
Tatjana Petrovic aka DJ Tanya Moss was a part of the Sound Phenomena and Totalitare Underground organizations from MNE. Pours sound under the influence of techno, electro, hip hop, break beat and punk music.
Sports ground
Main stage
Children's animation
Documentary film Ithaka
September 22 at 19:30 we invite you to the open-air screening of the film Ithaka in Montelibero City. You will be able to ask questions to the producer of the film and J. Assange's relative - Adrian Devant. You need to book a separate ticket below via the chat. We aim to raise 350 EUR in support of Julian. Donations are very welcome. Entrance: 5 euro or EURMTL. We will provide chairs but you are also welcome to bring a picnic blanket.

MONTELIBERO FEST 2023 is held in Montelibero City. There will be thematic activity zones, a marketplace, and a large recreation area.
We are pleased to provide participants with the opportunity to reserve a place for their own tents. We plan to provide 50 tent places, designed for two people each. If you need to bring a bigger tent for more people simply reserve more tent spaces at check out together with your access tickets. You can arrive on September 22nd and stay until September 24th. We will provide the facilities to charge your devices, do your laundry and toilets.
If you reserve a tent space you will be able to park you car near Montelibero-city.
The fee for a tent site is 10 EUR payable in cash or EURMTL on site. Do not miss the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the festival, enjoy nature and meet interesting people! See you at our festival!
Getting there
Navigation for guests with personal means of transportation:

Google Maps:

OSM Navigator - most preferrable navigator for Montenegro (download here: location 42.03245° N, 19.16605° E

MTL City is located near Dubrava and Pečurice villages in the municipality of Bar, Montenegro.
The parking at the festival site will cost 7 euros per day.
You can take an intercity bus to the Dobre Vode (Dubrava) stop and walk 20 minutes using the navigator to Montelibero City. Bus schedules:
You can also get to Montelibero City by taxi (which are parked at the railway station Bar and the main bus station) or order by phone: +38268126366
Free shuttle from Bar (booking ahead of time is required, seats are limited): there will be 2 shuttle services at 12.30 and 13.30 from the bus station of Bar and from the free parking by the Meksiko school, and 3 from Montelibero city back at 21.00, 23.10 and 00.00.
You can organise and book a transfer in festival chat and MTL logistics

You can get to Bar:
  1. by train from the north of the country, from Serbia, Podgorica and the airport in the capital from the Aerodrome station to the terminal station on the coast, the schedule is here:
  2. by bus from different cities to Bar bus station or to the stop in Dubrava /Dobre vode (and from there on foot to the event), the schedule is here
  3. Find/organise a transfer with other community members in Telegram chat
Extra free parking
Payments on the Festival
Payment at the event will be made using EURMTL or euro cash.
EURMTL is the main "currency" (stablecoin) of the local economy of the Montelibero community, which can be easily, safely and profitably exchanged for goods and services, as well as for euros in Montenegro or for other assets — through a p2p exchange network. You can find out more here:
In addition to the methods mentioned in the link, you will be able to purchase EURMTL directly at the festival:
  • Exchange EURMTL for cash euros in both directions without commission;
  • EURMTL exchange for other popular currencies and cryptocurrencies in both directions from our partners и
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Montelibero Fest 2023
September 23 | MTL City
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